Volunteer Food Preferences

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South Street Pizza - 508-698-3999

  • Carl Anderson - Greek Salad
  • Scott Daniels - Antipasto Salad, Water
  • Mike Everson - Texas Salad, Lg. Cheese Burger Sub, Letuce, Ketchup, Salt & Pepper, Root Beer or Lg. Chicken Pam w/ Prov Ch.
  • Neil Kaiser - Sm Steak and Cheese
  • Frank MacDow - Sm Ch Calzone, 2 Mellow Yellow
  • Ruth Mackie - Lg. Italian, Everything No Hots, or Garden Salad w/Chicken
  • Rick Plasmati - Garden Salad with Grilled Chick
  • Mike Webber - Greek Salad w/ Grilled Chicken, Water
  • Tim Zerrip - Lg. Steak and Cheese w/Hots