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January 10, 2020 (Foxboro, MA) — THE MENTAL HEALTH & ADDICTION PODCAST (THE M.A.P.)

It’s Okay to Ask for Directions… is the clever tagline for a new podcast that focuses on all issues mental health and addiction. The aptly named podcast features straightforward commentary, relevant interviews with leading industry experts, and powerful stories from people who have fought their way back from addiction and mental illness. The M.A.P. also provides education and resources, as well as a long overdue platform for discussing the reality of mental illness and addiction in our community and across the country.

The show was picked up by Foxboro Cable Access and is produced by Andy Bernstein who also produced CrossCheck Radio with hockey legend, Kevin Stevens. After she had been a guest on his show, Bernstein approached Kimberley Walsh, who runs Brady’s Landing (a sober home for women on the Cape) with the idea of a podcast to help those suffering from addiction. A few months later, they were joined by Kristin Perry-Long, who has worked in the industry for many years helping people find treatment. With a unified commitment to the cause, The M.A.P. was born! “It’s important to use media to educate people about this disease in order to help lift the stigma,” said Bernstein. The threesome quickly realized that they have a great dynamic together… and they “enjoy being open and honest…without the fluff.” “It’s about breaking down the stigma and helping people have open discussions without feeling judged” says Long.

“From navigating insurance policies, to researching treatment centers, to finding sober living, we break it all down…” says Walsh. “We address the need for straightforward information in a very convoluted industry.” Most importantly, all three hosts agree, that it gives people hope so they don’t feel so alone. Episodes of The M.A.P. are available on YouTube at and at Foxboro Cable Access

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The MAP Production Notes
Shownotes Date Guest MOV NAS YouTube Website Podcast
The MAP Episode 029 - Rebuilding Trust 6/3/20
The MAP Episode 028 - Round table with Hosts 5/29/20
The MAP Episode 027 - 5/27/20
The MAP Episode 026 - Stop Sabotaging Your Sobriety 5/20/20
The MAP Episode 025 - Ripping off the Bandaid 5/15/20
The MAP Episode 024 - From The Heart 5/13/20
The MAP Episode 023 - Harm Reduction 5/8/20
The MAP Episode 022 - Innovation in Treatment 5/6/20
The MAP Episode 021 - Dedication 5/1/20
The MAP Episode 020 - Comedian Turned Counselor 4/29/20
The MAP Episode 019 - Mental Health Roundtable with Sen. Cindy Friedman 4/24/20 Sen. Cindy Friedman
The MAP Episode 018 - Mother-Daughter Promise 4/22/20 Michelle Schwartzmier
The MAP Episode 017 - Even in Sports 4/17/20 Trenni Kusnierek, NBC Sportsnet Boston
The MAP Episode 016 - A Different Choice 4/15/20 Becky Savage
The MAP Episode 015 - Juri Love 4/10/20 Juri Love
The MAP Episode 014 - Making a Positive Difference 4/8/20 David Jensen
The MAP Episode 013 - The Miracle Man 4/3/20 Paul V
The MAP Episode 012 - Imagine Me Unlimited 4/1/20 Yosef Yisrael
The MAP Episode 011 - Jeff Wolfsberg 3/27/20 Jeff Wolfsberg
The MAP Episode 010 - COVID-19 None
The MAP Episode 009 - Four Legs to Stand On Paul Kandarian
The MAP Episode 008 - All American Kid Brian McDonald
The MAP Episode 007 - Behavioral Health 2/19/20
The MAP Episode 006 - Mental Health
The MAP Episode 005 - Insurance 1/2020
The MAP Episode 004 - We Need Human Connection (Audio Only) Melissa Westerman -- -- -- --
The MAP Episode 003 - You Can’t Let Mental Illness Bring You Down (Audio Only) Charles Eubanks King -- -- -- --
The MAP Episode 002 - Gossip (Audio Only) -- -- -- --
The MAP Episode 001 - Podcast Launch (Audio Only) -- -- -- --