Let's Cook

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Episode Host YouTube Website Archive.org HDD
DVD Meal
Episode 27: TBA Mike March 23, 2019
Episode 26: Asian Vegan Mike Noodle Bowls
Episode 25: Stewed Chicken and Plantains Iris Chicken, Plantains
Episode 24: Coconut Rice Iris Coconut Rice
Episode 23: Tostadas Iris Steak Tostadas
Episode 22: Chicken Carbonara Mike Chicken Carbonara
Episode 21: Shrimp Molé Mike Shrimp Molé
Episode 20: Chili Mike Chili
Episode 19: Revved Up Mac N' Cheese Mike Mac N' Cheese
Episode 18: Quinoa Salad Iris Quinoa Salad
Episode 17: Kale & Root Veggies Mike Kale & Root Veggies
Episode 16: Grilling Sauces (Chicken and Shrimp) Mike Grilling Sauces
Episode 15: Pecan Chicken Mike Pecan Chicken
Episode 14: Coffee & Cocoa Scallops Mike Coffee & Cocoa Scallops
Episode 13: Grilled Salmon and Quinoa Mike Coffee & Cocoa Scallops
Episode 12: Shrimp Scampi, Crabmeat Rice Balls Mike Shrimp Scampi, Crabmeat Rice Balls
Episode 11: Family Holiday Mike Family Holiday
Episode 10: Cook-Off Mike Cook-off
Episode 09: Breakfast Mike Salmon
Episode 08: Salmon Mike Salmon
Episode 07: Stir Fry Mike Stir Fry
Episode 06: Gnocchi Mike Gnocchi
Episode 05: Pulled Pork Mike Pulled Pork
Episode 03: Manicotti Mike Manicotti
Episode 02: Chicken & Salad Mike Chicken & Salad
Episode 01: Scallops Mike Scallops