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Upgrade Completed October 2012

Installed by Barbizon Light

The following information was collected during an on-site training session conducted by Tracey Coste of ETC/Barbizon.

Dimmer & Power Control Rack

Location: Drama Office

Model: Sensor3™ Power Control System

96 Dimmers


  • Rack must remain clear of debris
  • NO STORAGE ON TOP OF RACK, this will block cooling fans
  • Blue Sensor Logo should remain solid under normal operating conditions. A blinking light indicates trouble or error message. Check CEM3 Power Control module for trouble details. No light = no power to unit.
  • Door should remain closed at ALL times. The door seal helps the fan suck air through vents, and through the dimmers to keep the system cool.
  • Door has two large filters that should be cleaner 4-5 times per year. A barber's brush works well to clean. Filter has a "rough" side and a "rougher" side, the "rougher" side should face outwards towards the door.

Other Info

  • 60 Stage Circuits
  • 3 Phase System, Dimmers in rack are not arranged in sequential order due to load balancing
  • Each dimmer has a signal light which indicates good connectivity from control devices.
  • Relay Units within the dimmer rack, indicated with an "R" are for non-dim circuits. This would feed equipment like LED fixtures that handle dimming at the fixture.
  • Dimmers are swap-able, power rack down first (break to left of rack)
  • Dimmers 72-78 are House Lights

CEM3 Power Control Module

CEM3 Power Control Module
  • Normally there is no reason/need to touch
  • About Menu - System info
  • Use to configure a dimmer to switched (non-dim) in situations where you need to plug in something that should not be on a dimmer, such as a motor or fan. This change is made in the Setup Menu
  • Installers set chair lights to always on using this control module.
  • Media -> Backup - Use this to backup config file or tech support calls
  • Fire Alarm will set house lights to full
  • Processor can be used to set light levels, overrides all other controls/consoles. Not something that would be done in normal operation. Operator would need to "release set levels" to put system back to normal.
  • Reset reboots entire system, good for trouble shooting... Do not attempt with full house, light will go off.

Control Rack

Location: Back Stage

System is a blend of DMX and Network control.

DMX Translator/Network

Paradigm Processor

The Paradigm Processor is located in the Control Rack (back stage) and is used to power LCD House Light Panels.

DMX Splitter

Device used to split DMX control signals

Slider Station

Orginally configured to quickly access pre-recorded scenes. Currently configured to work with house lights. There's some discussion about changing this to also bring up stage lights during the school day (ie. Music Classes)

This panel may also have a master power button for LED lighting. AC feeds to LED light fixtures normally remain on all the time, but it's good to power down during extended periods of non-use. (ie. Summer Break)

There is a station lockout feature to prevent "visitors" from pushing wall control panels during a show. You can also add a password to the touch screen control.


Element 40 User Manual (PDF)

Location: Booth

Model: ETC Element 40 (500 Channel)

120 Faders - use knob to switch between banks

SK = Soft Key

500 Channels

Live Button = Live Mode (adjustments will appear on stage)

Blind Button = Make Adjustments on Computer WITHOUT any changes on stage

ML Control - Moving Lights Control - Select one or more (LED) lights, then press ML Control button to adjust color settings, etc.

DMX - This technology is limited to 512 addresses per universe. Many LED light fixtures and other intelligent lights, take up more than one address.

Network Control - Emerging technology that may eventually replace DMX. Network control allows for hundreds of "universes", each one with 512 addresses. The FHS system is a blend of Network and DMX control.

Streaming ACN Jacks - New connector for use with Network based lighting control (need more info)

Record a Submaster

  1. Select the Lights You Want (Using Mouse)
  2. "REC" Button
  3. "SUB" Button
  4. "##" - Assign Fader Number
  5. "Enter"
  6. Deslect Lights & Switch to Layer Knob to Submaster

Park Mode

Use this mode to turn on a light and leave it temporarily. This happens OUTSIDE of the normal control operations. Lights turned on in this mode will not get recorded in scenes or sub masters.


  • Press "50" (Channel 50 just for example)
  • 50 (represents 50% Dim)
  • Enter

WARNING: This overrides all other settings, don't forget to clear when done.

To Clear Park

  • Press "Park Mode"
  • Press "1" "Thru" "500"
  • Press "At" Enter"
  • Switch Back to "Live Mode"


  • NO CONTROL OF SOME OR ALL LIGHTS - Check "Park" Mode. Park mode overrides all other settings for channels. To clear switch to "Park Mode", then press "1" "Thru" "500" and then press "At" Enter"

This should clear all overrides, remember to go back to "Live Mode" after you complete this step.

Lighting Fixtures

  • Elektralite ElektraLED 1018
  • Chroma-Q™ Color Punch™ (need to confirm exact model) - Trainer really likes these fixtures
  • 4 - Source Four LED (Orginally Installed in Catwalk Pockets)
  • 18 - Source Four 750 Ellipsoidal (Installed Across Catwalk)



  • Fixtures: Source Four 750 Ellipsoidal fixtures installed across catwalk.
  • Lamps have a 300 HOUR AVERAGE LAMP LIFE, steps should be taken to limit their use to extend life.
* Limit use, should not be used for practice/rehearsals, use LED fixtures for work lights instead.
* Dim lights to 80-90% to dramatically increase lamp life.

Circuit/DMX Layout

House Lights

  • 80 Left Wall Wash
  • 79 Right Wall Wash
  • 78 Center Room House Lights
  • 77 Orc Pit House Lights
  • 76 Right Lecture Area & Front Wall Wash
  • 75 Rear House Lights, Center
  • 74 Left Lecture Area & Front Left Wall Wash
  • 73 Front House Lights
  • 72

Left Side Wall (Front)

  • 19-Top
  • 20 - Middle
  • 21 - Low

Right Side Wall (Front)

  • 16 -Top
  • 17 - Middle
  • 18 - Low



1st Electric

All Fixtures on 1st Electric, House Left to Right

Left to Right
Default Dimmer DMX Assignment Fixture Photo Location
1 36 36 750 75px On Twofer
2 36 36 750 75px On Twofer
3 35 35 Fresnel (BTR Lamp) 75px On Twofer
4 Ch. 105 241 LED 75px
5 33 33 Worklight (FLK Lamp) 75px (Not Working, Lamp)
6 35 35 Fresnel (BTR Lamp) 75px On Twofer
7 Ch. 104 233 LED 75px
8 31 31 750 75px
9 103 217 LED 75px
10 28 28 Fresnel (BTR Lamp) 75px
11 27 27 750 75px Receptical Not Wokring, Need to Investigate (Park Issue?) 12/15/16 MRW
12 102 209 LED 75px
13 23 23 Fesnel (BTR Lamp) 75px On Twofer
14 24 24 Worklight (FLK Lamp) 75px Fixture Missing? 12/15/16, MRW
15 101 201 LED 75px Found Fixture set to DMX Ch. 1, reset to 201, 12/15/16, MRW
16 23 23 Fesnel (BTR Lamp) 75px
17 22 22 750 75px On Twofer
18 22 22 750 75px On Twofer

2nd Electric

All Fixtures on 2nd Electric, House Left to Right

Left to Right
Default Dimmer DMX Assignment Fixture Photo Location
1 51 51 750 75px 2nd Electric, Far Left on Twofer
2 51 51 750 75px 2nd Electric, Far Left on Twofer
3 50 50 Fresnel (BTR Lamp) 75px 2nd Electric, Far Left (Not Working, Lamp 12/15/16)
On Twofer
4 Ch. 111 289 LED 75px
5 48 48 Worklight 75px (Not Working, Lamp)
6 50 50 Fresnel (BTR Lamp) 75px (Not Working, Lamp)
7 Ch. 110 281 LED 75px
8 46 46 750 75px
9 109 273 LED 75px
10 45 45 Fresnel (BTR Lamp) 75px
11 108 265 LED 75px
12 42 42 750 75px
13 107 2?? LED 75px Power @ Outliet, Fixture Not Working, Removed 12/1/5/16
14 38 38 Fesnel (BTR Lamp) 75px On Twofer
15 41 41 Worklight 75px
16 106 249 LED 75px
17 38 38 Fesnel (BTR Lamp) 75px On Twofer
18 37 37 750 75px On Twofer
19 37 37 750 75px On Twofer

3rd Electric

ColorBlaze LED Strips (Left to Right)

Default Dimmer DMX Assignment Fixture Photo Location
121 DMX 361-36X ChromaQ Color Force 12 (1ft) 75px 3rd Electric, Far Left
XXX DMX 401-410 Color Blaze Strip (5' 5") 75px 3rd Electric, 2nd from Left
120 DMX 355-360 ChromaQ Color Force 12 (1ft) 75px 3rd Electric, 3rd from Left
XXX DMX 391-400 ColorBlaze Strip 75px 3rd Electric, 4th fixture from Left
119 DMX 351-354 ChromaQ Color Force 12 (1ft) 75px 3rd Electric, 5th from Left
XXX DMX 381-390 ColorBlaze Strip 75px 3rd Electric, 6th from Left
118 DMX 345-350 ChromaQ Color Force 12 (1ft) 75px 3rd Electric, 3rdth from right
XXX DMX 371-380 ColorBlaze Strip 75px 3rd Electric, 2nd from Right
117 DMX 341-344 ChromaQ Color Force 12 (1ft) 75px 3rd Electric, far right


ETC has several technical support and training options available.

  • Free ETC technical support is available during normal business hours.
  • Emergency support (show critical) is available through a paging/callback service
  • Free training is available on the console if the board is brought to their office in Woburn, MA