Behind the Curtain

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Behind the Curtain is a studio production highlighting events, activities, volunteers, and staff of the Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center. Production started on October 14, 2019.

  • Producer: MRPAC
  • Executive Producer: Rachel Calabrese


  • From
  • See Project setup on APM Music Website
  • LIBRARY: Kosinus (KOS)
  • TRACK TITLE: Anthemic Folk
  • COMPOSER: Bruno Francis Dandrimont (SACEM) 50% Christophe Robert Battaglia (SACEM) 50%
  • PUBLISHER: Kosinus APM (ASCAP) 100%
  • TRACK ID: KOS_KOS_0662_00101
  • APM RELEASE DATE: 05/22/2019

Stock Footage

  • Pond 5: Stage Lights Moving, Motion Background (Used for Upcoming Events Segment)
  • Pond 5: Foggy Stage Lights During Concert (Used for Trivia Segment)


  • Need B-Roll of Building


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Behind the Curtain 5
Behind the Curtain 4
Behind the Curtain 3
Behind the Curtain 2
Behind the Curtain 1